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From Prosperity into the Crisis and Back. On the Role of Economic Theories in the Long Cycle

WIFO Working Papers, 2018, (571), 30 Seiten

The struggle over the financial transactions tax: A politico-economic farce

In: What future for taxation in the EU? Revue de l’OFCE, EUROFRAME 2014 Conference volume, 2015.

The Struggle Over the Financial Transactions Tax – A Politico-economic Farce

WIFO Working Papers, 474/2014.

A General Financial Transactions Tax - Motives, Effects and Implementation According to the Proposal of the European Commission

WIFO Working paper 461, 2014.

European Governance - Do We Need a New Navigation Map?

Izmir Review of Social Sciences, 2014, 1 (2).

Implementation of a Financial Transaction Tax by a Group of EU Member States. Estimation of Relocation Effects, of the Size and Distribution of Revenues and of the First-mover Advantage of the Participating Countries

WIFO Monographien, 4.7.2013 (together with Eva Sokoll).

From real capitalism to finance capitalism and (hopefully) back - the role of the navigation map

Experts Seminar "Renaissance for Europe" in Leipzig on May 22, 2013.

Impact of the FTT on the profitability of financial market activities - the assessment of Goldman Sachs Research

The European Monetary Fund: A Systemic Problem Needs a Systemic Solution

Revue de l’OFCE, Débats et politiques, 127, 2012.

A General Financial Transactions Tax: Reasonable but no panacea

Paper presented at the 74th International Atlantic Economic Conference in Montreal, 4–7 October 2012.

Technical Trading and Commodity Price Fluctuations

WIFO Monographien, 19.9.2012.

European Governance – Do We Need a New Navigation Map?

Paper presented at the WWWforEurope-Workshop in Vienna on July 12-13, 2012.

A General Financial transaction Tax: Strong Pros, Weak Cons

Intereconomics, Review of European Economic Policy, 47 (2), March/April 2012.

The European Monetary Fund. A Systemic Problem Needs a Systemic Solution

WIFO Working Papers, 414/2011, 29 Seiten.

Settlement Systems and Financial Transactions Taxes

WIFO Monographien, 9/2011, together with Helene Schuberth (OeNB).

Implementation of a General Financial Transactions Tax

Summary of a WIFO study commissioned by the Austrian Chamber of Labour, June 2011.

Implementation of a General Financial Transactions Tax

WIFO study commissioned by the Austrian Chamber of Labour, June 2011.

A General Financial Transactions Tax: Motives, Effects and Implementation

Summary of a presentation at the Brussels Tax Forum 2011 on March 29, 2011

Short-term Asset Trading, long-term Price Swings, and the Stabilizing Potential of a Transactions Tax

Paper presented at an IMF seminar on November 2, 2010.

Asset price fluctuations, financial crises and the stabilizing effects of a general transaction tax

in: Balling, M., Berk, J.M., Strauss-Kahn, M.O., The quest for stability: the view of financial institutions, A joint publication with de Nederlandsche Bank and Rabobank, SUERF Study, 2010/3, p. 99-130.

A general financial transaction tax: enhancing stability and fiscal consolidation

In: Watt, A., Botsch, A., After the crisis: towards a sustainable model, ETUI, 2010, p. 45-49.

Bank levy versus transactions tax: A critical analysis of the IMF and EC reports on financial sector taxation

Comment on the studies by the Staff of the International Monetary Fund and of the European Commission, respectively, on the contribution of the financial sector to the costs of the crisis, April 2010.

Boom-Bust Cycles and Trading Practices in Asset Markets, the Real Economy and the Effects of a Financial Transactions Tax

WIFO Working Papers, 364/2010.

Technical Trading and Trends in the Dollar-Euro Exchange Rate

WIFO Monographien, 11/2009.

A General Financial Transaction Tax: A Short Cut of the Pros, the Cons and a Proposal

WIFO Working Papers, 344/2009.

Asset Price Fluctuations, Financial Crises and the Stabilizing Effects of a General Transaction Tax

WIFO Working Papers, 340/2009.

Aggregate trading behaviour of technical models and the yen/dollar exchange rate 1976-2007

Japan and the World Economy, 21 (3), 2009, pp. 270-279.

Profitability of technical stock trading: Has it moved from daily to intraday data?

Review of Financial Economics, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp. 190-201, October 2009.

Trading Practices and Price Dynamics in Commodity Markets and the Stabilising Effects of a Transaction Tax

WIFO Study, 1/2009.

On the manic-depressive fluctuations of speculative prices

In Hein, E., Niechoj, T., Spahn, P., Truger, A. (eds.), Finance-led Capitalism, Metropolis-Verlag, Marburg, 2008.

Profitability of Technical Currency Speculation. The Case of Yen-Dollar Trading 1976-2007

WIFO Working Papers, 325/2008.

Aggregate Trading Behaviour of Technical Models and the Yen-Dollar Exchange Rate 1976-2007

WIFO Working Paper, 324/2008.

Profitability of Technical Stock Trading: Has it Moved from Daily to Intraday Data?

WIFO Working Paper, 323/2008

Components of the profitability of technical currency trading

Applied Financial Economics, 18 (11), 2008, pp. 917-930.

A General Financial Transaction Tax: Financing Development and Enhancing Financial Stability

Paper presented as CIDSE delegate at the Meeting of the UN Economic and Social Council in New York on April 14, 2008.

A General Financial Transaction Tax. Motives, Revenues, Feasibility and Effects

With Schratzenstaller-Altzinger, M., Picek, O., WIFO-Study, März 2008.

Performance of Technical Trading Systems in the Yen/Dollar Market

WIFO Working Paper 291, 2007.

The Interaction Between the Aggregate Behaviour of Technical Trading Systems and Stock Price Dynamics

WIFO Working Paper 290, 2007.

The Principles of the European Social Model and the Practice of Economic Policy in the EU

in: Paris Varvaroussis (ed.), Europe in the Globalized Economy, Papazisis Publishers, Athens, 2006.

The Interaction between Technical Currency Trading and Exchange Rate Fluctuations

Finance Research Letters, Volume 3, Issue 3 , September 2006, 212-233

The Interaction between Technical Currency Trading and Exchange Rate Fluctuations

WIFO Working Paper 264, 2005.

Components of the Profitability of Technical Currency Trading

WIFO Working Paper 263, 2005.

Purchasing Power Parities, Exchange Rates and International Price Competitiveness

WIFO-Studie mit Unterstützung des Jubiläumsfonds der Österreichischen Nationalbank, 2005

Recovery in Industrialised Countries, Strong Acceleration in Other Groups of Countries

Austrian Economic Quarterly 1/2004, 34-42

Technical Trading Systems and Stock Price Dynamics

WIFO-Studie mit Unterstützung des Jubiläumsfonds der Österreichischen Nationalbank, 2002

Technical Analysis and Exchange Rate Dynamics

WIFO-Studie mit Unterstützung des Jubiläumsfonds der Österreichischen Nationalbank, 2000

Globalization without global money: the double role of the dollar as national currency and as world currency

Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 2000, 22(3)

Reform the International Monetary System!

Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, 1998(2)

Employment dynamics: A comparison of the United States, Germany and Japan

Summary of the study “Die Beschäftigungsdynamik in den USA im Vergleich zu Deutschland und Japan”, WIFO, Wien 1998.

Economic Outlook for 1996 and 1997: Cyclical weakening leading to higher unemployment

Medium-term forecasts for the Austrian economy until 2000, Austrian Economic Quarterly, 1996 (2).

The rate of interest, investment, growth and public debt

Summary and conclusions of a study for the Austrian Federal Ministery of Finance, 1996.

Exchange Rate Regime and Economic Activity in the EU

Austrian Economic Quarterly, 1996, 1(2)

Are Banks Speculative Profits at the Expense of Traders? A Reply

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quaterly Review, Rom, 1990(174)

Noise Trading and the Efficiency of Financial Markets

(together with Michael D. Goldberg), in Giacomo Luciani (ed.), The American Financial System: Between Euforia and Crisis, Quaderni della Fondazione Olivetti, Rome, 1989

Currency Speculation and Dollar Fluctuations

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review, Rom, 1988(167)

Technical Analysis and Stock Market Efficiency

(together with Michael D. Goldberg), Economic Research Report, C.V. Starr Center of Applied Economics, New York University, New York, 1988

An Essay on Exchange Rate Dynamics

Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, Berlin, 1987

The Interest Rate, the Exchange Rate and the Interaction of the Real and the Financial World

Paper presented at the ILO workshop on forecasting models and the employment problem, Geneva, 19-21 September, 1983

Exchange Rates, Prices and Interest Rates

Economic Research Report, New York University, New York, 1983

Tourism and the Business Cycle

WIFO-Studie, Wien, 1979

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