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Key areas of research

Performance of technical trading systems in asset markets and their impact on the dynamics of exchange rates and stock prices.
The double role of the US dollar as national currency and as world currency and its consequences for the fluctuations of commodities prices and the real interest rate on international dollar debts.
The deviations of the exchange rate from purchasing power parity of tradables and its impact on export market shares.
The impact of the differential between the rate of interest and the rate of growth on investment demand, economic growth and public debt.
The influence of stock price fluctuations on business investment and on consumer demand.
The connection between asset price dynamics and the long-term shift away from activity in goods markets to activity in financial markets, and its consequences for economic growth, employment and the European social model.

Mag. Dr. Stephan Schulmeister

Independent economic researcher and university lecturer


Mobile: +43-664-5009757


Mail address: Spengergasse 61/18; 1050 Vienna

Email: stephan.schulmeister@wifo-pens.at

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